Italy - A story of Karma or Destiny

Be it Ferrari, Lamborghini or Fiat in the automobile segment or Gucci, Prada, Valentino or Armani, the fashion and style segment in every sector is dominated by the Italian companies. The art and design destination of the world, Italy has accumulated enough wealth from its years of Roman Empire and cruel colonialism to build a world class country with an educated, rich and scientific community, 8th largest economy and 9th highest standard of living in the world. Italy has its foot set in manufacturing, automobile, shipbuilding, tourism, textiles, fashion goods, leather and other industries. Also the cultural heritage of Italy ranging from the Roman empire of the past to the Roman papacy of the present times, has contributed to the growth of Italy both from tourism and perspective with the likes of Venice, Rome, Milan and Florence amongst many.     Even with the second best healthcare system in the world, only next to France, Italy is succumbing to the pandemic of novel Cor

Oh Dear!

Selfless heart, Restless thoughts, Sleepless nights... The mind never rests without useless stress! Oh, Dear! take rest. You are tired, thinking about the rest. Let go of the leaving one, Hold the holding one. Abandon the abandoning one, Chase back the chasing one. But heart chooses the reverse, gets hurt for the mere! This repeats forever.

Why is this Aus vs Ind Test Series so Special?

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy that just concluded today is a series to be remembered for tooo many reasons. Ok, first things first, let's take a look over odds against India before starting the test series. 1. This series is in AUS. 2. VK will only play the first test and then go home. 3. Rohit is in India for personal reasons and don't know when he joins the team. (Joined the team in third test) 4. Injury concerns - Ishant Sharma (senior most bowler), KL Rahul (the man in form) are out of series and Jaddu minorly injured in the last T20 match, is not available for first test The series started... The first test , India started pretty decent with an advantage of over 50 runs after the first innings but everything gone waste in just an hour of third day session that resulted India 36 all down in their second innings, which is the lowest ever innings total for India and subsequently lost the match. Totally annihilated by the Aussie pace trio, it is the worst start to expect for a se

Is Microsoft Still A Windows Company?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin A company’s business model needs to undergo the same that the species need to, to survive & sustain. It needs to adapt to the people’ needs, invest in the company’s future and make the necessary changes to its model before it turns archaic. There are many examples of the businesses that couldn’t embrace the change and eventually, time did what it does best. Yahoo - while enjoying a strong market in the desktop segment, couldn’t convert it into mobile applications and Kodak - stuck with its analogue-photography related products & couldn’t adapt to the digital photography era, are few companies that couldn’t adapt and resulted in downfall. Microsoft, the software giant with its head office situated in Redmond, USA, famous for its universal products — Windows and Office. But in recent years, there have been several cha

Ain't So Simple Anymore!!!

Lives used to be simple and straight Plain sailing is no more an appreciable-life all we need is risks & challenges From a feature to the need... From a Desire to the necessity... These unnecessary comforts posed that they ease our lives but at what cost? In this world of multi-tasks, we lost the focus Concentration might become a myth Owing to the complexity built by Humanity We are losing our mental ability. (In the view of increasing software/IT engineers turning into Alzheimer's patients)

It's TIME!

The time I waited, the time we shouted... The time I stalked, the time we walked... The time I wept  that time was the toughest! I wanted to shout, was afraid of echo... I was so hurt, scared of scars... I wanted to sleep, the nightmares didn't cease! That time was to regret,  now the time is to realize,  the past was dark, the present is lit. It's time to make up the brain, it's time to enjoy the rain... It's time to leave the past,  it's time to live the present... The time I lived to the time I'm living... I gave time, time... It heals like every time.


It seems the idea of god was not liked by the people who have their chips working back in their heads. So, they started the quest for an answer to the question, how and when did this all start? The reply to the question was started when Edwin Hubble made his landmark observation, that is wherever you look in the open sky, distant galaxies are moving away from us. It just means the universe is expanding. That is revolutionary because until then, people believed that the universe is static, infinite and existed forever, as there was no observable proof to state their beliefs wrong. Hubble’s observations made all realize that at earlier time they would have been closer together. In fact, it seemed that there was a time about ten or twenty million years ago they were all at exactly the same place. This discovery finally brought the question of the beginning of the universe into the realm of science. Hubble’s observations suggested that there was a time called the Big Ban